DOB : 04/09/1972

Ph: 040-23703724

 B.Sc (Electronics), 

Graphic Designer, Translator & Voice-over artist

Inspired by the literature of Swamy Vivekananda, after completing graduation took permission from parents to join monastic order under the guidance of Swamy Sundara Chaitanyananda, Dowlaiswaram, with strong and deep aspiration to find out the real 'Way' and 'Aim' of human life. Became the only person to assist Swamiji in every skillful department of the organisation starting from editing the monthly magazine, (worked as the Deputy Editor of the monthly magazine 'Giridhari' the largest circulated monthly spiritual magazine then in Andhra Pradesh)writing articles, circulars to branches, compiling Swamiji's lectures, translating Sanskrit Verses, proof reading, giving discourses, clearing doubts of devotees etc. Assisted in making Tele-serials 'Bhaja Govindam', 'Bhagavatam' and many single episodes and advertisements on Swamiji's programmes for Gemini Telivision. (Also written and commented for some of them). Gave discourses at many places. Remained till date as the only disciple in Sundara Chaitanya Movement to give series of lectures for 10 days successfully on two different topics ('Sankhya Yogam' of Gita & Bhakti Sutras of Narada). Came out of the organisation, went to Himalayas, stayed at Rishikesh for one year and continued Sadhana & Swadhyaya, came back home and wrote a book titled 'Adhyatma Chaitanyam' a unique, sensitive and revolutionary book that throws light on many ignored or misunderstood aspects of spiritualism in today's society as well as in individual. The book also presents a brief impartial analysis on Swami Sundara Chaitanyananda's life and works. The book got appreciation from Scholars like Sri K.Bhogeswara Somayajulu garu of Veda Bharati, Institute of Vedic Sciences and well known Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and many other great people. Completed course in Web and Graphic Designing successfully in 2000 as a hobby and started career as a Graphic Designer (Print medium) at Supreme Recording Co. (P) Ltd. and created more than 1500 designs up to 2006. Left the organization to established a designing center named 'amar creations' creating designs in many other fields. Designed all the VCD, DVD labels, Ads, Banners, Posters in Andhra Pradesh for Moserbaer India Ltd since its establishment in A.P.  Also created many designs for reputed organisations like Bajaj Auto, Rotary Club, Bakelite Hylam, Stay-on Papers, Hero Honda, District Industries Center, R.R.Dt., Raj Travels, Aquaguard, L&T.

Literary skills gave an opportunity to translate and give voice to many spiritual programs.  Translated from English & Hindi to Telugu  and gave voice to many discourses of Sri Sri Ravishankar of 'Art Of Living' and Sri Ramdev Baba of 'Patanjali Yog Peeth'. Each of these  Programs were telecast in 'Bhakti TV' channel daily for one year. Many other programs were released as Audio CDs of which 'Arogya Rahasya' & 'Aazadi ya Ghulami' of Sri Rajiv Dixit became popular.



I am heading

I am heading to catch the light

With unblinking vision

With unflinching devotion

I am heading


With my hands pierced into the hearts of heaven

With my looks fighting with the rays of Sun

I am heading


My present ever reaching the far ends

Which future can not know

My path ever pointing forwards

Where nature can not flow

I am heading


With no thought of my shadow

For I never look back

Each instant it may grow But never stops my attack

It may fall on a thorn

Or cover a beautiful flower

It may smell rotten

Or rest on a sacred river

Who bothers! I am heading!


My Shadow, some may think a rescuer from heat

Others may hate it as a messenger of dark

Who worries! I am heading!


For some it may remain as a sweet memoir

For others it may haunt as a nightmare

Who cares! I am heading!


All I think of is 'glow'

Though of my own What have I to do with shadow?

There may come a time, I hope When I reach my goal

and catch the glowing ball

And for shadow!

It may never cling to me at all